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Dolce And Gabbana For Valentines

I can not believe how quickly time has gone!

Myself, and my partner Ricky, celebrated our five year anniversary as a couple back in November 2020 (so technically we have been together 5 years, 3 months and 13 days) and it is truly the most happy and content either of us have been. We have achieved so many incredible milestones, both personally and together, including vacations together to some of the most stunning locations, immigrating to Canada, moving into our first apartment together in Toronto and most recently surviving two Covid-19 lockdowns and three separate periods of isolation together while living in such a small space – talk about putting a relationship to the test! While we spend the day celebrating our sixth Valentine’s Day it is crazy to think we have actually known each other much longer than that. We first knew of each other through mutual friends, maybe ten years ago. Ricky was in an “alternative / rock” sounding band which wasn’t really my thing, but I got invited along to watch them perform one night. We had some conversations back and forth but it never seemed to go anywhere until a year or two without seeing or speaking to each other. Fast forward to today and we have moved back home to Ireland and currently planning our next set of milestones we would like to achieve.

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Where was our first date?

For our first date Ricky took me to COSMO – an all you can eat buffet style restaurant in Belfast city centre with a variety of food and dishes from around the world. The date was originally meant to happen on a Wednesday night, but I cancelled on him two nights in a row because I was genuinely unwell. I did not want to make it a third cancelled date and I, maybe slightly reluctantly, agreed to go for dinner on the Friday night (which was October 30th.) While at dinner we both discussed how our original plans for Halloween, which ironically involved both us travelling to England to visit friends, had to be cancelled when one of my friends had messaged to invite me to a Halloween party she was hosting. After making sure it was ok to bring a plus one with my friend I invited Ricky – so our date went from being cancelled two nights in a row to seeing each other two nights back to back.

How we knew it would “work”

In the weeks leading up to our first date as we talked and got to know each other – and specifically on said first date we both said we were not necessarily looking for a serious relationship… and three days later we done the exact opposite. The connection was instantly right. While me and Ricky have very different views, opinions and interests when it comes to certain topics we are also extremely similar and share many of the same views, opinions and interests – if that makes any sense?

We are both extremely creative and artistic – I am a hair stylist and he is a tattoo artist. We both sat on our first date and talked about one of our biggest life goals being to live in a different country for an extended period of time – my ideal location would have been Brisbane, Australia compared to Ricky who would have preferred Vancouver, Canada. To think that is one huge milestone we have both been able to accomplish together, while also compromising on the location and both mutually deciding to settle on calling Toronto our new home as it suited both of us.

I tend to be the loud, outgoing one whereas Ricky is a little more reserved and quiet – it was pointed out to us fairly early into our relationship that we balance each other out very well and that still continues to this day. We finish each others sentences and can communicate from across the room with just one look.

Has there been any hiccups along the way?

Absolutely and neither of us are afraid or ashamed to admit that. No relationship is perfect – no matter how hard couples try to conceal or cover for social media. We have progressed our relationship fairly quickly which is a great thing in itself but it does come with the risk of the occasional hiccup or two.

We went on our first vacation as a couple 9 months into our relationship for seven days to Las Vegas, Nevada which is usually deemed a big deal when it comes to relationships and how well you both communicate and compromise. We immigrated to Canada two and a half years into our relationship and went on to move into our first apartment – each of these are huge milestones and accomplishments on their own but we ended up doing both of them at the same time. Most recently, along with the rest of the world, we have been dealing with local lockdowns and restrictions which gave us another challenge (especially in Toronto) of learning to live constantly together in a relatively small basement apartment with very little contact with anyone beyond ourselves.

I am extremely impatient and hot headed (fire sign Sagittarius), I like to micromanage and organize while Ricky is much more relaxed and laid back. While we know exactly which ‘buttons to press’ to potentially cause an argument we also know how to quickly deescalate one before it even begins. We have found a routine that works incredibly well for us living together with our work schedule and we share responsibility of household chores and tasks.

On a side note we both know to eat something before starting anything otherwise it will never end well!

How our relationship works

Every relationship needs patience and understanding, mutual respect, balance and the ability to compromise. With myself and Ricky nothing ever feels forced or like a task in itself. We balance each other out incredible well and both want the same thing(s) in life. We have a long list of milestones we would like to achieve both personally and together and are working everyday towards achieving those. We both push the other one to strive towards achieving their goals, success and ultimately becoming a better person. We are each others biggest supporters and listen to any feedback or constructive criticism the other may have.

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