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Why Men Need Different Skin Care

In the last few years the beauty industry has become saturated with more and more products and brands tailored to male skincare and grooming. This is because an increasing amount of men are taking better care of their skin and the numbers are continuing to rise. Gone are the days of men receiving judgement and criticism for taking pride in their appearance – is toxic masculinity finally on its way out? The skin is the largest organ of the body and takes the brunt of environmental pollution and toxins such as car fumes, cigarette smoke and harsh UV rays. The skin is designed to protect us, not based on our gender or orientation, so it is a breath of fresh air to see men around the world are keen to learn and invest time and money into caring for their skin. The reason for this blog post is to take a closer look at the current products and brands available on the market tailored towards men and find out if it really is necessary or if it is just a marketing stunt to generate more income for companies.

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There are several structural differences between male and female skin, important when it comes to establishing a good skin care routine:

Men have larger pores and produce more sebum (the skins natural oil).
Common skin problems such as clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts are more frequent and appear worse on men than women due to the higher levels of sebum. A man’s sebum production will remain the same throughout their lifetime, whereas production gradually reduces in women as they age. Having naturally oil skin is not always a bad thing as it has been proven to maintain the youthful appearance of skin, but too much of anything is never good.

Male skin is on average 25% thicker women’s skin.
This can make it harder for the skin to absorb the ingredients found in skin care products. To fully get the benefits of a skin care routine men must find a way to improve absorption. A man’s skin will thin gradually as they age, whereas skin thickness in women will remain the same until mid 40’s. Female skin will thin at a significant rate post menopause.

The texture of mens skin is different than that of a woman.
It is tougher and rougher because of the outermost layer of the skin (stratum corneum). This is also responsible for the different facial wrinkling that appear during later years. A man’s skin will wrinkle at a slower rate, though they are prone to developing deeper set wrinkles than women.

Men have a higher collagen density than women.
Because of this naturally occurring collagen difference, it is more common for women to show premature signs of ageing skin than men – even if they are the same age. This is why many collagen supplements are targeted towards women but men are not exempt from collagen reduction as they age.

Facial Hairs
Regular shaving (in general) stresses the skin, especially on the face.
Whether men shave daily, every other day or on a weekly basis the repetition can increase skin sensitivity and lead to easier irritated skin. Shaving can lead to cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs and because of the weakened skin barrier function the skin is overexposed to environmental pollutants.


Testosterone is the reason that men’s skin is 25% thicker than that of a woman and why sebum production is higher in men – especially during puberty. Dermatologist testing has shown that mens skin is also more acidic than a woman’s.

When it comes to skin it is men that seem to be at an advantage but that doesn’t mean skin care is not something that should be overlooked. Especially at the onset of puberty and into your early twenties when the skin will be at it’s oiliest and most problematic. As men age and the testosterone levels begin to drop men will notice a significant increase in dry skin and will need to switch up their skin care accordingly.

Men’s skin care and grooming requirements do not need to be over the top and immense. Instead regular use of an extremely thorough cleanser is important to help prevent pores from clogging. As men have oilier skin they should aim for something that may reduce oil production and since shaving can irritate the skin something with tea tree oil can help reduce inflammation. To help target large pores and build up within pores a weekly face treatment could be all your need to keep breakouts at bay and is extremely good of removing excess oils from the skin – which can be embarrassing for anyone.

Below I have included several products I have tried and tested that actually work on my oily to normal combination skin type and have helped me throughout the years. They are designed with male skin in mind and target every issue and key difference noted above.


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