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All of the posts are written by myself (Noel Smith).
Unfortunately I do not allow guest blogging on TheInFeature as I prefer to have all content written by myself in a particular style.

All views and opinions mentioned on TheInFeature are my own and intended to provide a truthful, informative and enjoyable purpose.
I do not wish to insult or offend anyone when they visit my blog, I simply give my honest and truthful opinion regarding products based on how they work for me and my skin. Some of these products may not be suited to you personally based on a number of factors.

I want to create content that is trustworthy and reliable for the reader.
Any product that is featured in a blog post is based solely from my opinion and how I feel the product works for me. I will be constructive in my opinions, but if I do not like a particular product I will either say so or choose not to feature the product at all as it will be a waste of my time and the time of the reader. With any review I do, I will never be paid or incentivized to speak positively about a product if I do not agree.
I feature products I believe deserve recognition for one reason or another.

Affiliates and Gifts
This website utilizes a number of affiliate commission services including rewardStyle and Rakuten to earn a percentage of commission on product sales. The links or products used do not cost the buyer any more than they normally would – the commission is taken from the retailer via the commission platform. This site therefore uses cookies – which can be fully reviewed under the Privacy Policy. Each individual blog post will declare the use of affiliate links, if and when applicable, as well as declaring if the blog post has been sponsored.

Image Credits
The images that are included on TheInFeature are to improve the reading experience and are relevant to the posts they are featured in. All of the images belong to this blog and author, however if a photograph is taken from an alternative website the link and source will be stated underneath the photograph.
If you would like to use any of the images on TheInFeature for your blog post or social media, please credit myself and the photographer in the caption and do link back to this blog.

Prior to contacting me it is worth noting that any information sent to me via email will not be shared with anyone, including third party companies and websites. All information is kept securely on a personal email account on a secure, personal computer. If you are a reader, company or PR agency and would like to contact me please feel free to email me directly on theinfeature@gmail.com you can also take a look at my contact page.
For contact regarding drag artist Tiffany Lovestick please use the Booking Form.