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Strathberry X IntheFrow


The limited edition collaborative collection between Edinburgh based luxury brand and Wigan born fashion blogger Victoria McGrath was announced in February 2018 and met with overwhelming demand. The statement East/West bag received an InTheFrow makeover, allowing Victoria to put her personality and keen eye for detail, into a luxurious and well respected brand.

Available in two different colours and a sophisticated Rose/Plum combination. Designed with you in mind, in mini and nano size schemes. A first for the brand: the unveiling of two accessories. InTheFrow brought something new to the table with cardholders and folios.

The full range was a stunning 12 piece collection to suit the taste of the modern day woman. A signature piece to add to your wardrobe. Neutral colours to compliment any colour scheme and vibrant enough to be the centre piece of your outfit. Sophisticated design, High quality material and effortlessly elegant. This collection is as much Strathberry as it is InTheFrow.


I am incredibly proud of InTheFrow, or the woman behind the brand: Victoria McGrath. Discovering her blog and the enthusiasm and passion she has in her writing made me realise my own love for beauty and fashion. Ultimately Victoria was the source of my inspiration when I decided to start blogging and I continue to feel so inspired by her – probably now more than ever! Such a genuine soul, Victoria feels like a friend you have known a lifetime as you see her work come to life over on InTheFrow.com or watch one of her beloved vlogs where she is sure to be up to something fabulous. To see someone continue to strive and succeed is outstanding, especially when it is someone as nice and genuine as Victoria.


Strathberry is a luxury based label based in Edinburgh and was founded in 2013. In a relatively short amount of time they have covered much ground and show no signs of slowing down, infact quite the opposite. With their high quality material and timeless pieces they are winning the heart of the nation including Royals and celebrities. I think this latest venture with InTheFrow has opened their brand to a whole new market of like-minded people who are after high quality and statement pieces to add to their wardrobe. The Girl Boss; those who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to go out and get it. Focused, Driven, Powerful and Beautiful. These are the phrases that come to mind when I think of the audience InTheFrow reaches out to – and Strathberry is right up that street.


I am just completely swooning over my mini folio in the combination Rose/Plum. This is the first designer piece I have ever purchased and the fact this collaboration is with InTheFrow makes it all the more special. I did initially want to purchase the East/West Mini however, I did arrive a little late to the party and by the time I made it online both sizes of the bag had sold out and the only option was accessories. An incredible achievement to not only sell out both bags – but to do it twice! The following day Strathberry released a limited number of bags available as pre-order and they were gone … you know how the story goes. The look and overall feel is superior when it comes to this folio. Both colours are worlds apart yet compliment each other beautifully and create a stunning finished design. The strap can be applied around the wrist and carried as a clutch bag – which is they very look I was going for in these photos.


Like the colours used in the design these two brands have complemented each other beautifully and created a stunning, high quality bag that will be a staple piece for years to come. Everything is timeless, elegant and what the modern woman needs. Victoria has an excellent eye for detail and these bags truly do represent her charming and bubbly personality. Congratulations again Victoria. Accessories from the Strathberry x InTheFrow collection are still available at the time of publishing.


Strathberry X In The Frow Mini Folio - Rose/Plum

Strathberry X In The Frow Mini Folio – Rose/Plum



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