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Style & Beauty Diary: February Edition

February has been quite the productive month if I do say so myself! Never before have I had so much determination, ambition and creativity when it comes to my own little space on the internet. TheInFeature has always been such a huge source of creativity and passion for me  – so to finally give it the love and attention it deserves has been wonderful and the response I have received so far has been incredibly heart warming! Thank you for being here – whether this is your first time dropping by or you are a religious reader every single week or somewhere in between!

This month has brought so much change – we are finally seeing the first signs of spring and the evening is gradually becoming a little bit longer. I am so excited for Spring to officially get here later this month and I promise March will be just as jam-packed and exciting on my blog – if not more. This month also brought announcements from the UK and Irish government that a plan is slowly being rolled out to begin easing lockdown restrictions within the coming weeks and months – brighter days truly are ahead. I think I speak for many of us when I say this lockdown has been particularly challenging especially when it comes to coping mentally rather than physically. The latest news report and figures are showing great progress with the vaccine so all we can do at this point is hope things continue in that direction and soon we will gradually begin to see things returning to normality!

I hope you all enjoy this little trip down memory lane, review of the previous month and look back on some of my top recommended and rated products in both fashion and beauty! Have a fantastic week ahead and I look forward to see you later in the week with new content. X

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The Year Loungewear Was King

To be thankful for 2020 is to be thankful for giving up on unrealistic beauty standards set by social media. No longer needing to conform to uncomfortable clothes and shoes just to feel valued in a sea of similar people in a nightclub. No longer feeling the need to drop an insane amount of our annual salary on trend clothes that will be worn once and never see the light of day again. Comfort and practicality took the win in 2020 and so far I am glad to see the trend remain and continue into the new year.

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The Ordinary Skin Care Routine

A prevention is better than a cure and developing a skin care routine in your twenties is the ideal time to keep you looking healthy, refreshed, hydrated and younger for longer. Develop a routine you can work into your schedule – it does not have to take any longer than ten to fifteen minutes and you will begin to notice changes and benefits within days. What I adore about The Ordinary is they have no extra bells and whistles: they offer superior ingredients at an extremely affordable price point making it achievable for everyone to have glowing skin.

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Valentines Day

Myself, and my partner Ricky have been together 5 years, 3 months and 13 days (at the time of posting) and celebrated on sixth Valentines Day together as a couple. We have achieved so many incredible milestones, both personally and together, including vacations to stunning locations, immigrating to Canada, moving into our first apartment in Toronto and most recently surviving two Covid-19 lockdowns and three separate periods of isolation together – talk about putting a relationship to the test!

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The belle of Belfast city, our beloved drag represent of Northern Ireland from season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. It is none other than my hometown native Blu Hydrangea collaborating with another Belfast powerhouse: BPerfect Cosmetics! I am not surprised at all these two decided to collaborate together – but was also extremely stunned and excited, screamed out loud and rushed online to purchase my very own Painted Collection the moment it launched. Live the fantasy, read my review and watch the reels for the ultimate transformation!

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The Importance Of Self Pleasure

One major advantage we can all to take away from 2020 is learning the importance of putting our own needs first. With February being the month of Valentine’s Day I found it extremely fitting to talk about the most important love story of all: our self. We are going to bed with and wake up to ourselves every single morning. We need to learn to love and appreciate every inch of our bodies, every fibre and molecule in our being, every quirky trait and all the bits we try to hide away from the world – because this is who we are!

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They’re Real! Magnetic Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics is a global icon. The San Francisco based company launched in 1976 and has grown a mass following of devoted make up lovers in more than 30 countries around the world. Having already launched two of the biggest selling mascaras on the market with BADgal and Roller Lash it had been a few years since the brand launched a mascara so it was safe to say we were overdue one and it was well worth the wait! The new mascara comes with a mineral enriched formula and 3D-printed customer brush that is magnetically charged at the core.

Read the full blog post here.
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Boost Your Immune System

On 3 January 20201 myself, my partner and entire family tested positive for COVID-19. I very foolishly thought this never would have affected me and my family and I advise everyone to take all local restrictions seriously and do what you can to keep yourself, others (especially those who are classed as high risk and vulnerable) safe to reduce of risk of spreading the virus further. Our immune system does a remarkable job at defending us against illness causing bacterium and viruses and there are a number of things that can contribute to giving harmony and balance in strengthening our bodies natural response.

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Instagram Reels and Tik Tok

I promise to become much more active when it comes to creating Tik Tok videos and Instagram Reels! It has been challenging finding the perfect balance that allows me to continue my full time job along with blogging – but I slowly feel I am finding my feet and my inspiration and creativity continues to be pouring in abundantly. I am looking forward to what these next few months will have in store! As always any feedback and recommendations you guys have is greatly appreciated.


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