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The Year Loungewear Was King

I think it is safe to say that basically everyone on the planet is still processing 2020, right? That is not too dramatic at all. It is a year many of us are quick to dismiss and try not to spend too much time thinking about let alone speak out loud. So it might be peculiar of me to write a blog post dedicated to all the things we should be thankful for that came out of 2020. Many of us reading this had our daily routine, schedule and career flipped completely upside down. Which was a struggle to adjust I will admit, but with all change comes a fresh perspective and equal amount of opportunity and potential. Many of us became acquainted with the idea of saying no: not going to the event we didn’t particularly want to go to in the first place. Many of us discovered the importance of putting our own needs first: realizing it is necessary to take time for ourselves and our mental health. Many of our careers took a surprising turn and an abundant amount of doors opened as we faced working from home. When all three of these beautiful tragic events combine in the disarray that is 2020 only one thing remains a common thread: loungewear. To be thankful for 2020 is to be thankful for giving up on unrealistic beauty standards set by social media. No longer needing to conform to uncomfortable clothes and shoes just to feel valued in a sea of similar people in a nightclub. No longer feeling the need to drop an insane amount of our annual salary on trend clothes that will be worn once and never see the light of day again. Comfort and practicality took the win in 2020 and so far I am glad to see the trend remain and continue into the new year. Below I wanted to praise my go to comfort clothes of the last year and also include some notable recommendations for the beautiful girls (and guys!) out there reading this.

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Comfort should start in the most important and very often overlooked area: our feet. Where we are connected to the earth and what provides support for our overall balance, posture and mobility. I was very kindly gifted these Ugg Scuff slippers by my partner and have worn them every single day since receiving them. The most comfortable and durable pair of slippers I have ever worn and I can say that with so much confidence. Incredibly warm to help us get through the harsh winter and makes early mornings a little easier. I could not imagine myself without these slippers now I have them and if that sounds like an exaggeration you simply haven’t tried them on yet.


Unsurprisingly (and I am not even remotely ashamed to admit) I spent a serious amount of time over the last year in comfortable pyjamas. With no events or commitments planned – both over the last twelve months and for the foreseeable that will require me leaving my apartment – I have been able to find the small joys in life. Which include quiet cups of tea, throwing on the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Face Mask for fifteen minutes, lathering up in lavish and luxury in the shower and getting into a fresh set of comfortably cool pyjama sets. I have become increasingly interested in astrology over the last few years and find that any time my life is in chaos, I am able refer back to my astrology chart to try to make sense of the obstacles at hand. These celestial print lounge pyjama set are among one of my favourite purchases and prove to be extremely comfortable and fashionable.


Can I have a show of hands for anyone who trusts themselves when it comes to plain white T-shirts? As graceful as I try to convince myself I am, the reality is I end up with food remnants, rosé wine stains and a surprising amount of dog hair thanks to my two beautiful fur babies: boxer Kenny (who turned ten last summer), and pug Francie (who turned three recently.) I consider this T-shirt doomed within the next seven-fourteen days, not including weekends and bank holidays, but fully knew this when I clicked add to basket. I just can’t resist the chic styling and feel of a plain white Tee!


I never thought I needed sofa shorts – until 2020 happened and I realised nothing made sense anymore, all bets are off, nothing is guaranteed and I will do everything in my power to ensure my comfort level, scenery and Instagram worthy content remain fresh, trending and a solid ten. Don’t even try to convince yourself sofa shorts are different than pyjama or athletic shorts – they allow you to remain extremely comfortable while also able to answer the door to the ASOS delivery driver without the standard awkward ‘I didn’t just wake up at 3:00PM’ while remaining true to character of ‘No… I didn’t just work out nor do I intend to work out’ the other options provide.


Nothing says comfort more than this hoodie. Nothing says fluffy marshmallow more than this hoodie. Nothing says 2020 was rough and I am deemed incapable of basic human functioning today more than this hoodie – and I mean that in the best way possible. Throw adult responsibilities to the wind and cosy up to a hot chocolate and Netflix special while buried in pure heaven. This sheep-skin like fabric with drawstring hood and pouch pocket will keep you warm and toasty as the UK and Ireland braces yet another burst of rainfall this wet winter season. It does have benefits though… I love cuddling up while hearing the rainfall.

Let’s just make it perfectly clear that loungewear has always been a thing. This is not a new concept – but as we dealt and faced with every challenge 2020 had to offer us we did not need new trends or unrealistic beauty expectations. What we needed was to find consolation and comfort in the simple joys life has to offer. If wearing the same celestial pyjamas for three days is what gets you through this time there is no shame. I hope 2020 has taught us to be kinder and a little more gentle on ourselves and others. We are not necessarily in the same boat but we are absolutely in the same storm – show compassion to your brothers and sisters and reach out to anyone if you are feeling overwhelmed. Have fun with fashion and with isolation and lockdowns – I hope that one day this will all just be a distant memory we are able to look back on, reflect and find some comfort in knowing we simply survived. Stay safe and have a wonderful week ahead! X

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