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2018: The Year of The Unicorn

When it comes to mythical creatures, none is more beloved or as popular as the unicorn. A majestic and striking creature that has captivated the hearts of many. Unicorns are unique, mystical, peaceful and serene animals. At its core, the symbolism of a unicorn tattoo is a message of innocence, pure of heart, kindness, healing, perfection and peace.

While I am not a representation of perfection; I am growing everyday and striving to be a better me. I am piecing together the mysteries of life and building myself up for what is to come. I want to continue to be child like: pure of heart, naive, innocent and trusting. To never doubt and have faith – how life was much simpler back then. Running young, wild and free. The triangle placed behind the unicorn is the electromagnetic spectrum – not everything is black and white. Show your true colours. The magic of life is around you, it is your perspective that determines it’s greatness. Remember to focus on what is important. Be the most authentic you.

Be the most authentic you.

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