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Let’s Bake With Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I am so excited this is my first time featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on my blog and please trust and believe it will not be the last! I have a whole ton of other Jeffree Star products I am absolutely dying to share with all you lovely readers so be sure to stay tuned! Honestly I don’t know how or why it has taken me so long to get around to sharing my thoughts on these products because I have been obsessed with them since the day and hour they were released and I was fully locked, loaded and ready on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website ten minutes before the launch last year. Yes I am talking about the iconic Magic Star Concealer and Setting Powder. Today I wanted us to take our make up routine into the kitchen, Bree Van de Kamp style. We are serving up a sizzling look of effortless glamour, 1960’s sex appeal and just a dash of Hi, how are ya? to really up our make up game. The baking technique we are going to be reviewing today has been circling around the drag queen community since the dawn of time and has become part of many make up connoisseurs daily routine thanks to RuPauls Drag Race and social media. This simple ten minute step will blur any fine lines, pores and imperfections to give you the ultimate Jeffree Star Approved make up look. Who said if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen? Can’t relate…

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Set Your Base

First thing is first! We need a flawless base to begin the baking process so I am taking the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in shade Peach which is a colour corrector to cover any dark circles around my under eye area. Once that has been blended I am going to take my Magic Star Concealer in shade C7 which is a light to medium tone with neutral undertones and at least one shade lighter than my foundation. Apply the concealer as you usually would – which is typically the under eye area, along the bridge of the nose, centre of forehead, cupids bow and chin area. Buff and blend everything using either a concealer brush or damp beauty blender.

The reason I love the Jeffree Star concealer so much is due to it’s unique creamy consistency. It doesn’t dry out fast or move around when it is first applied – in it’s simplest terms the concealer waits for you to begin blending into the skin. Trust me when I tell you it blends like a dream. This concealer has 20% pigmentation which is capable of covering tattoos and contains anti-aging properties to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The applicator is equally as unique, allowing product to spread evenly without any blotchiness. Jeffree has truly thought of everything when it comes to the products he releases and this shows his passion, creativity and love for the beauty community and empire he has built himself over the years.

Apply Translucent Powder

Now it is time to begin baking! The Jeffree Star Magic Star Setting Powder is an ultra-fine, soft and luxurious formula infused with Vitamins C & E! The setting powder is finalized with a special blend of silica that controls the production of the skin’s natural oils (sebum) and keeps you looking airbrushed and flawless all day and night.

To apply gather a generous amount of the Magic Star Translucent Powder using either a makeup brush or damp beauty blender and apply it over all of the areas you applied your concealer to. From the top: the under eye area, along the bridge of the nose, centre of forehead, cupids bow and chin area. Many people also tend to use a translucent powder to cut their contour just below the cheek bones making the area appear more sculpted and perfected.

Voila! Bree Van de Kamp and Jeffree Star are shook…

Bake at 360 Degrees for 10 minutes

The ‘baking process’ is allowing the translucent powder to sit for at least ten minutes. Due to the silica blend within the setting powder (and the fact this is a powder based product) it allows the product to work incredibly well on the under eye area and high points of the face such as the T-Zone area. The formulation against the heat of your skin intensifies the results as it soaks up the natural oils of the skin and helps the foundation and concealer melt into the skin. This prevents creasing in the ‘baked’ areas while maximizing coverage and longevity of your make up.

While this sits for ten minutes I typically tend to do something else such as fill in my eyebrows or shift through my wardrobe in hopes of a new outfit suddenly appearing. Once you hear the timer buzz simply dust off the excess with a powder brush and you have completed the baking process. So straight forward, eh? If only every recipe in the kitchen was served up this quick.

Serve It On A Platter

Baking your make up falls under the highlight and contouring umbrella. You are simply emphasizing the higher points of your face while blurring imperfections and pores to create a photoshop finish in real life. It helps contour appear more crisp and clean and can improve the longevity of your make up look especially if you are working under hot lights, high humidity or want to look extremely matte and polished. This technique can be incorporated into everyones make up routine from time to time depending on your desired look and finish.

I had so much fun shooting the photos for this blog post and absolutely adore the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand (if you can not already tell!) The Magic Star Concealers and Setting Powders are made to absolute perfection and an essential product to really step up your make up routine. Have you ever tried baking before? Feeling a little inspired? Let me know in the comment section below.

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