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Benefit: They’re Real! Magnetic Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics is a global icon. The San Francisco, California based company launched in 1976 – which was 45 years ago! – and since then they have grown a mass following of devoted make up lovers and enthusiasts in more than 30 countries around the world. You can find them in some of the worlds top cosmetic retail stores: Sephora, Debenhams, Boots and Arnotts (to name a few) – and feel that moment of relief and excitement when your eyes first catch a glimpse of their iconic pink counter top and decor. Their beloved Brow Bar boutique, specialising in brow shaping, launched in 2003 and holds a spot in the Guinness World Records (2012) for the most eyebrow waxes completed by a team in an eight hour time frame – completing 382 waxes.  The iconic Hoola Bronzer is world renown and has received endless praise and accolades, including being named The Best Bronzer 2018 by British Vogue. It has gone on to become the #1 best selling bronzer in the United States and United Kingdom respectively. With so much success and hype already created towards their existing products, you surely have to wonder if the team at Benefit ever have a moment of doubt or uncertainty when launching a new product… and if their latest release is anything to go by the answer is no. Mascara is nothing new to the make up industry and it is certainly nothing new to the line up of best sellers at Benefit – having already launched two of the biggest selling mascaras on the market with BADgal and Roller Lash. It has been a few years since the brand launched a mascara so it was safe to say we were overdue one and it was well worth the wait! I don’t think I have ever, in my life, been excited for a mascara launch nor have I ever ran out to the nearest Boots store so quickly to pick up a latest release – I was so excited I threw caution to the wind and decided against having a safe, contact free delivery by ordering online because I did not want to wait. Well what are we waiting for? I think I have built the hype and suspense enough and now can not wait to show you lovely readers the brand new They’re Real! Magnetic Mascara from none other than the iconic Benefit Cosmetics.

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As I have already mentioned – Mascara is nothing new to the make up industry. Every couple of years though, there is reason for hype and excitement over a new launch due to innovative technology such as dual sided brush or extreme black pigmentation. However the end results are all relatively similar and there is not much new or exciting to take away from the overall experience – and that is not a complaint! Let’s face it all our staple, every day reach for, can not live without mascaras are formulated and created with the same end goal: gorgeous elongated dark and thick lashes.

The launch has come at a wonderful time! It is the second month of 2021 and both the UK and Irish governments have recently announced a further extension on local lockdowns and restrictions. To keep ourselves and others – especially those that are classed as high risk or vulnerable – safe we will continue wearing a mask when out in public which puts all of our focus and attention on our eyes. The only things we need for the foreseeable future is a fabulous eye cream (see my review of the Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment For Men here) and the newly released Benefit They’re Real! Magnetic Mascara. But what is the big deal and is it really worth it?


The brand already had an iconic formula with the original They’re Real Mascara. The formula is already flake free and doesn’t fully dry down which is great as it allows you to further build and intensify the look. The difference is this new 2021 edition now uses a magnetic mineral enriched formula, along with a brush that is magnetically charged at the core to essentially pull the formula past the tips of your lashes. This mind bending technology goes one step further: Benefit used 3D-printing technology to custom make the brush – to ensure it grabbed every lash at the root for optimum lift, as well as to have just the right amount of mascara formula attach on each and every use.

Let’s talk about everything immediately… with just one coat I was absolutely mind blown at how much longer, thicker and fuller my lashes looked. The magnetic technology ensured each and every lash was coated from the base to the very tip and then a little more! What I noticed immediately is this formula is super light-weight – I have rather sensitive eyes and hate the feeling of my eyelids being weighed down by mascara and/or false eyelashes. The formula is insanely black – it doesn’t flake or go that weird clumpy look I found many ‘lengthening formulas’ have. While I am yet to put the 36 hour time wear to the test I can confirm this mascara did not budge and with that being said it also removed extremely easily using some Garnier Micellar Water.

I want to know exactly what you think of the brand new Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Magnetic Mascara. Is this something you would be willing to try? I have to warn you this will quickly become one of your holy grail products and I advise you jump online now because I am fully confident the hype will kick in and it will be sold out everywhere.

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