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Dior Backstage Foundation

Dior is at the forefront of the beauty and fashion industry. A powerhouse that is adored by A-list celebrities and the mere mortals such as ourselves that are subject to one or two luxury treats. What excites me about the beauty industry is the constant evolution of brands and products that are released, take foundation for an example. With each new release foundation has became smarter. Designed to be breathable for the skin allowing for a flawless, airbrush finish without clogging pores. Designed to blend and become one with the skin – you but on a really good day. This is where the Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation was born. When it was released last June it was hailed as the ‘it’ product to have backstage at fashion shows. Make up artists raved of the immaculate finish to the skin and models stated they never felt more glamorous – and this is where the evolution of the beauty industry comes into play. Dior has beautifully transitioned from being a brand exclusive to only the rich and famous, where backstage ‘it’ products would never been seen by mere mortals, and into a consumer must have. The brand is desired and loved by people in the fashion and beauty industry and by everyday people such as ourselves.


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The Backstage Foundation is available in 40 shades, coming in a close second of available shade ranges only behind Rihannas Fenty Beauty. The shades have been divided into four categories according to colour: Fair, Medium, Tan and Deep. 


There is also six undertones available in the range
C – Cool
N – Neutral
W – Warm
CR – Cool Rosy
WP – Warm Peach
WO – Warm Olive

In terms of texture the foundation is neither too creamy or watery. Although if you apply the foundation to the back of your hand you will notice it has a runny consistency. Do not be fooled though – the foundation dries almost immediately once on the skin so I would advise to apply to a specific area of the face or body before moving onto the next. Little to no oxidization so the colour will not deepen once it has set and will give you a beautiful natural velvety-matte finish.

This light-weight foundation is diverse – in the sense you control the finish. With one layer you appear flawless and can easily build the intensity to a more evening or catwalk glamour look. The foundation builds and blends beautifully, though in personal opinion I think two layers is more than enough. 


The formula works well with cream and powder products that you choose to apply after such as bronzer, blush and concealer. Trust everything already in your make up bag will blend sensationally with this foundation and you do not need to alter anything in your current routine.


It is worth noting this product becomes very slightly more glowy the longer you wear it. If that is not the look you want to go for and would prefer a more matte finish I would recommend you apply setting powder after the foundation.

I have never discovered a more photo ready foundation.

In person the finish also looks incredible and I did get several comments on how well my skin looked while wearing this, but if you are hoping to take some instagram worthy shots or want to look back on your wedding photos with sheer joy this product has got to be the one for you.


As we are well and truly in the grip of winter I have opted to go slightly lighter with this foundation than I usually would and am wearing shade 1CR. Shop the entire shade collection below and find your perfect match.

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