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Jeffree Star Deceased and Cremated

Sweet evil, come deliver us the sacrifice
Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust.

Hello Crematorium, how are ya? The eternally iconic make up artist and brand owner Jeffree Star racked up a body count when he released the insanely stunning Cremated Eyeshadow Palette on May 22, 2020 – obviously not without causing controversy with the name of this magnificent collection in the midst of a global pandemic. The palette features 24 insanely pigmented and fine pressed colours ranging from the darkest black to the most iridescent white and a wide variety of grey tones with subtle undertones to make all of you’re smokey eyed, gothic vibes come to life. What I absolutely adore about this palette is how insanely pigmented, over the top and versatile this palette is while also being one of Jeffree’s most subtle collections using a more monochrome colour scheme. I have been vastly expanding my collection of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and with June being Pride Month, I could not be a better time to begin showcasing some of my looks and reviews. Below is a look book of different looks I have created from the Cremated palette to showcase the versatility and I am honestly so proud of how they each turned out! So grab a Red Bull baby and buckle up because we are taking the afterlife by storm – will you prefer the more dark, intense, departed side of this palette or the lighter and airier take on life ever after?

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