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Putting The “Bro” in Bronzer

I am taking a slightly different approach, perhaps even unconventional to some people out there reading this, towards products and recommendations for the male readers today on my blog. As we are in the depths of what has been an incredibly wet, cold and dreary winter across the UK and Ireland we can find small comfort in knowing we are slowing easing into the first glimpse of spring with the evenings become slighter longer. As spring (and eventually summer) hopefully along with the ease of lockdowns and restrictions is approaching I figured now might be the perfect time to speak on the subject of bronzer for any men out there hoping to get a head start on  their summer glow – or just avoid looking like they have spent the last two months hidden away from the outside world for days at a time. Bronzer can be rather intimidating at first but once we have touched basis I have every confidence you will be able to bronze and go like a pro so here we go! Bronzer is used to emulate a sun-kissed glow and enhance a tan. It can be used to add warmth or darken certain areas of the skin without offering ‘coverage’ the way foundation would and it is a great way to make the skin look radiant and healthy. We are now in 2021; we are continuing to make tremendous progress in breaking barriers and between female-male gender role norms. There is an emerging market of male skin care and make up products but ultimately my question is: do we really need gender specified make up? Men can and have been wearing make up for years now. It does not matter on your sexual orientation nor does it put your masculinity in jeopardy. It is simply a tool that can be used to boost your self confidence, improve your appearance and ensure a seamless, healthy glow without the negative side effects of UV exposure.

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That coveted summer tan is only but a few weeks away from beginning – assuming you have the luxury of a back garden to lounge in because unfortunately I do not think vacations and trips away will be recommended this summer. Having a subtle hint of warmth and colour can make you feel more confident in your skin, make you look healthy and trim and adds that certain level of sex appeal that is usually associated with those long hot summer days followed by cool evenings on the patio. Bronzer is a great secret weapon to giving your skin that effortlessly flawless ‘I have been at the beach all day, just chilling with the guys’ look as oppose to those questionable flashbacks we get every now and again of the cast from Jersey Shore for our US readers, or Geordie Shore which was the UK spin-off.


There are a few factors to carefully consider once you have finally decided to take the leap of faith and purchase a bronzer. Budget is obviously one of them and you may be happy to know that high quality products are easily accessible and at a price point that does not eat into your vacation fund – we may be using bronzer this year but that does not mean that vacations are off the table in 2022!

Other factors to take into consideration include quality, formula, value, application and technique. I have taken the liberty of doing all of the hard work for you and have rounded up the top five bronzers based on the above factors. Before I take you through my top rated findings, I have a quick video on technique and application tips and tricks to make bronzing easy even for beginners with no experience. I figured it would be easier to show it in an actual video as oppose to trying to explain it in writing.



Tom Ford Bronzing Gel For Men
Tom Ford specifically created his bronzing gel for himself to use as he found many bronzers created for women give a more dewy, almost moist appearing finish. This product is designed to be incredibly masculine and high quality. It creates a beautiful, even and natural looking tan with no obvious signs this is a bronzing gel. The product is applied as a gel, but it very quickly dries down to a matte finish (meaning non-shiny) and does not transfer easily.

Clinique Non-Streak Bronzer For Men
Clinique is a great option for those with sensitive skin and who are looking for an oil-free product that will last without causing concerns over acne and other skin irritants. This product is streak free, water resistant and the results are a gorgeous natural moderate tan. The price point is outstanding considering Clinique offer high end products and value. Bonus point: this product is odour free!

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder
This is a powder based product, unlike the other two listed above. This product will give immediate results but will not last past you washing your face in the evening before bed; which means you will need to reapply daily. The upside is this reduces the chances or risk of getting bronzing gel or liquid on your hands and rubbing onto towels or your clothes. Using a brush to apply this will give you a matte finish (meaning non-shiny) and you have full control over where and how much product is applied.

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer
This is also a powder based product. The compact brush that is included in the packaging make applying an absolute dream and easy to use on the go. This bronzer is considerably lighter than the Guerlain alternative mentioned above, which is more recommended for those who are fair skinned. Even results and a subtle natural looking matte finish glow.

Fenty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer
Another popular option when it comes to powder bronzers is the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna bronzer. There is a powder based and cream based formula to choose from and I am recommending the powder formula as it is less likely to interfere with oily skin. This light as air formula provides eight shades suitable to a variety of skin tones and is incredibly easy to build up to your desired colour while being extremely hard to overdue. Guaranteed natural, healthy looking results every time.


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Be sure to come back and visit my blog often as I will be making more of a conscious effort to post more blogs focused on the GENTLEMEN readers to give men tips and tricks on just about everything from skin care to fashion to tattoos and even cars. Have you ever tried adding a subtle amount of bronzer to your daily routine? Let me know in the comment section below.

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