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St. Tropez Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse

As an Irish blue eyed and blonde hair man, who in the past has had to have a mole removed which later turned out to be benign, sun exposure is not something that my skin takes well to. I burn extremely easily and it takes months for my skin to actually build up any kind of colour and from the first signs of fall I am back to being almost transparent pale. I gave up on the idea of a natural glow years ago and instead reach for a bottle of self tan.

It has been over one year since I moved to Toronto, Canada and as crazy as it may sound to some, one of the first things I done once I got here (besides set up a bank account, find a mobile phone provider and get a job!) was search high and low for a trust worthy self tanning brand. As I scanned the isles of Canadian drug store chain Shoppers Drug Mart the first familiar brand I noticed was St. Tropez and rather than reaching for one of my old favourites I decided to try their (at the time) new Extra Dark Mousse.


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How dark is extra dark? That depends…

Leave on for just FOUR hours for that iconic gorgeous St. Tropez kissed skin or
Leave it on overnight for EIGHT hours and discover the deepest, richest and most natural false tan yet!

First things first: Preparation

A gorgeous looking colour starts with well looked after skin. It is so important to fully exfoliate your skin before applying any false tan. This is to remove dead skin cells which could lead to streaky and unflattering coverage. I have recently discovered the Par Merben Medium Body Brush the case of ‘getting the job done’ is an understatement and I use it religiously every week!

Immediately before applying tan it is so important to moisturize any dry areas of skin you may have and pay extra attention to the knuckles, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet! These areas, and any other dry areas of skin you have, will grab the tan quicker and make it appear much darker than the rest of your body.


Using the St. Tropez application mitt take a pump of the Ultra Dark Mousse and begin working in long sweeping motions to ensure an even coverage. I typically need someone to help me tan my back (what else are boyfriends good for?) It would be much easier to show you this step rather than try to explain…

The first time I put this tan on I was skeptical as to how it would turn out based on how it appeared once I applied. Trust the process though! This has been the only false tan I have used now for one year and for good reason.

It is recommended to let the tan fully dry before dressing but lets be honest in our busy lives nobody really has the time. Be sure to dress in dark, loose fitted clothing and wait out the clock to reach your desired colour before showering the tan off.


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The Results

A gorgeous deep, rich and natural looking tan. I feel my best when I have an incredible colour about me and St. Tropez has taken it one step further with this amazing product! I feel extremely confident when I wear this – people are quicker to ask me if I have just been on a holiday rather than which brand of self tanner I have used. With daily maintenance of moisturizer this glow can last for well up to seven days and fades evenly without any streaks. May you want to keep that fresh back from holiday glow about you a little longer or thinking of venturing into the world of false tan this is the ultimate tan in my opinion.

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