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Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment For Men

If I was to think back to a time when I really started to take an interest in skin care and my appearance it was when I first entered the hair industry back in 2011. This was also around the time I started to become more aware of the different type of brands available on the market: designer luxury, premium, high street to name a few and the importance of a price tag. Before that time, largely in part to my apprentice salary, I assumed you ‘paid’ into the brand and not the product or ingredients but that could not be further from the truth. Being exposed to an industry that is essentially a part of the beauty community – where fashion, art and creativity collide I was captivated by brands that were far beyond my pay check. Tom Ford was one of the first brands I distinctively remember swooning for and please believe that still continues to this day – in fact the unveiling of each new seasonal launch is what I look most forward to time and time again. The Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment For Men was my first purchase from the brand and it is an avid part of my daily skin care routine. After using the last remnants of my previous bottle in late December (at the beginning of the current COVID-19 lockdown in my area) I began to see the benefits wear off and rushed online to purchase a replacement and have it safely delivered to my door contact free. Today let’s take a closer look at the Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment and see why Tom Ford is at the forefront of male luxury skin care.

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Tom Ford is the ultimate brand ambassador as he wears and uses his own products. He envisions himself wearing his suits while designing them.

Tom Ford launched his brand in 2006 following his role as Creative Director at luxury fashion houses Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent between 1994-2004. Tom Ford is a force to be reckoned with and his work speaks for itself, including his daring not for the faint-hearted and at times controversial ad campaigns. What makes the brand so remarkable though is the quality; these products are made of high quality ingredients that really work. Wether that is skin care or cosmetics – Tom Ford blends seamlessly into the skin and begins to work immediately.

The Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment is a restorative treatment to infuse the eye area with moisture and smooth the look of fine lines. Creating the best of both worlds where science combines with nature the ingredients include algae, sweet almond and tangerine peel. There is also the inclusion of several dimethicones (which is silicone-based skin protectants) known for creating a hydrating barrier on the skin and providing temporary skin plumping properties.

Perhaps the most notable design for an eye treatment on the market is the silver-tip contoured applicator making for easy application but also providing a cooling effect to further reduce the appearance of visible puffiness and leaves your eyes looking awake and alert.

Tom Ford believes that eye cream is not a luxury but a necessity. For the simple fact: the eyes are the window to the soul. They are what we, as people, are most drawn to. They tell so much about a person: their emotion, their thoughts even their deepest desires. Especially now with everyone around us wearing a mask – our eyes are the only real source of human connection so it is important to look after them. The two best things you can do is use a luxurious eye cream that is absolutely a necessity – and also get adequate sleep each night. I go through periods of having good and bad sleep and this is definitely not one of my better periods, thankfully I have this incredible product to help me out over the next few days until my sleep pattern realigns.

Using this product as recommended both morning and night has done wonders for my eye area and I hope the photos help show the benefits of this wonderful product. Have you tried the Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment yet? Let me know in the comment section below. Be sure to come back and visit my blog often as I will be making more of a conscious effort to post more blogs focused on the GENTLEMEN readers to give men tips and tricks on just about everything from skin care and fashion, tattoos and even cars.

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