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Canada Vlog Series

Myself and Ricky emigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Tuesday 26 June, 2018 and I have been vlogging the journey and uploading it to my YouTube channel weekly. I hope in doing this we are able to provide you with an insight to adjusting to life in a new country, watch as we triumph and struggle and hopefully have an incredible journey we can look back on. This next chapter is unknown. Taking the leap of faith and hoping everything will work itself out. Incase you did not know I had a YouTube channel or have never stumbled across a video I have the answer… Never miss a moment as everything will be available on this very page and updated every time a new video is uploaded to YouTube.

New video every Tuesday
08:00 EST | 13:00 GMT | 10:00 AEST

Video 11
We have been in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for one year now. See some of our highlights and unseen footage!

Video 10
I flew home to surprise my mum for her birthday! One week spent home with the wonderful family and friends.

Video 09
The apartment hunt has officially begun! Nobody warned us how hard the market is in Toronto.

Video 08
Labor Day Weekend! We headed to the CNE for a day at the fair and also went to the dog park.

Video 07
Paying tribute to victims of the Danforth Shooting. I also had a one on one with MAC Cosmetics.

Video 06
Ricky’s first trip to New York City and my fourth time meeting Britney Spears!

Video 05
The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore and packing for our NY trip!

Video 04
We spent a lovely day at the Beaches and found the house the IT movie was filmed in!

Video 03
I GOT A JOB! While it is a lot to adjust to I think I am settling in rightly!

Video 02
Touch down in Canada, eh? Just in time for Canada Day and a heat wave!

Video 01
Follow along as we prepare to immigrate and have a fabulous leaving party!

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