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Schitt’s Creek Filming Locations

The heart-warming Canadian television series Schitt’s Creek broke records for the most wins in a single season for a comedy at the 72nd Emmy Awards which took place on Sunday September 20. The series took home nine awards including Outstanding Lead Actress – Catherine O’Hara, Outstanding Lead Actor – Eugene Levy, Outstanding Supporting Actress – Annie Murphy, Outstanding Supporting Actor – Dan Levy, Outstanding Contemporary Costumes, Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Writing. The show aired it’s sixth and final season on Canadian network CBC this year and while some fans of the show think it is slightly premature, others feel it is the perfect send off for the characters and town we have grown to become so besotted by. What I find peculiar about the show is that is seemed to have developed an unwavering devoted and loyal fan base as the show drew to a close; and that is with thanks to streaming giant Netflix adding the show to it’s library. Even I will admit I become a fan later in the shows development – by the time all five season were available on Netflix but it came with an advantage that I could obsessively binge watch the episodes and then do it again.

The show has touched the hearts of thousands of fans – and that is not easy to do. The perfect casting, characters, character development, background story, writing, costume, hair and make up are just some examples of what it takes to make a television series a hit. And while Schitt’s Creek had everything perfected from the very beginning it is the town that plays a backdrop to everything that happens throughout the show’s progression that is now on the radar of true devoted fans. Over 30 towns were sourced and considered to play the fictional town of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and ultimately Goodwood, Ontario became the epicentre located just one hours drive outside of Toronto. Rosebud Motel is another iconic staple of the show and exterior shots of the actual building is in Orangeville, Ontario. Myself and my partner Ricky travelled to these locations the day before the Emmy’s took place – and it was just as magical as I expected.

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Located at 308399 Hockley Road, Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z2
The building was previously a motel which closed down. After that, as far as research from my hockey obsessed partner can see, the building was used for out of town hockey teams to stay during game season before it become the now iconic Rosebud Motel. Only exterior shots are filmed on location – the rooms were designed and built on a sound stage in Toronto.


Located in Goodwood, ON
Home to just 663 people. At the main intersection you will find the buildings used for Bob’s Garage, Café Tropical and Rose Apothecary.

The building used for Rose Apothecary is the only setting to be filmed on location. During filming for the series the crew renovate the actual craft store to become what we see on the show. The store has been closed on both of my visits to Goodwood so unfortunately I do not have any photos of inside.


Town Hall is also on the intersection in Goodwood – just follow the train tracks! The property has recently been purchased and undergoing renovations.


Located at 6342 Main Street, Stouffville, ON L4A 1G9
The exterior shots are of an actual veterinary clinic that is open for business. All interior shots of the clinic and connecting home are built on a sound stage in Toronto.

Above is a map of all locations listed above – if you are a fan of the show and live within Ontario, or are planning a visit when it is safe to do so I truly recommend taking the day to visit and explore these locations. Car rentals are available throughout the city of Toronto and I recommend packing a lunch to eat along the way as the locations are rather far apart – the use of true cinematic magic to make each and every location look cohesive and as one fictional town.

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