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We Are Emigrating

Family, Friends and Readers. When I told you this was going to be a year filled with embracing change and new experiences I was not lying. Now that I have told my work place and as of this week officially given my notice I can share with all of you we are emigrating to Canada. This has been in progression and kept tightly under lock and key for almost one year, with only immediate family and friends knowing, before making the ultimate decision to start this new chapter together, in a new country and calling it home.

There has been an endless list of push and pull factors when it came to making this decision. It was not something we took to lightly and did not wake up one morning with an impulse decision to move.

Endless nights were spent agonising the possible outcomes, the people and life we would be missing at home and the unknown certainty of starting a life in a country we had never been to. We made this decision knowing all too well it would not be easy and would not always be fun but in the end thought it was the right time and the right thing to do for us.

Over the last year I have sat in limbo, sat from the bleachers and watched as my close friends and peers took their next step in life. Be that they graduated from university, celebrated promotions or finally got the job they had been waiting for, bought a house, became expecting parents or announced their engagement. While I was ecstatic for my friends and love watching people succeed, I had spent what seems like an eternity waiting for my next step when it was right infront of me. Just beyond my fear and anxiety lay an opportunity to move out of a small town, where nothing really happens, and see what opportunities arise.


We are moving to Toronto, Ontario CANADA on Tuesday 26th June 2018.

Our IEC (International Experience Canada) is a two year working holiday visa. We may wish to extend our visa and apply for citizenship come the end of the two years or we may decide it is not for us and come home after only six months. It is the unknown. It is time to stop overanalysing and questioning every aspect of life and to have faith everything will work itself out. This is the scariest but also most liberating decision I have made in my life to date. To be doing this with somebody who means so much to me and wants to do this as much as I do means the world.

Family and Friends thank you for supporting us and your well wishes. This announcement has only made things feel all the more real and I am truly hoping you will join us on this journey. I will go in to more detail as to why we choose Toronto and will explain the process from start to finish, if you are thinking of applying for an IEC visa in the weeks to come on my blog. To make sure you are kept up to date with everything TheInFeature be sure to follow me on all of the social media links below. Why not sign up to my weekly Newsletter here and be kept fully up to date with everything happening across TheInFeature.

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